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custom leather work

All of the leather work coming out of Hammer in Hand is done in house by Ivan Iler and is limited only by your imagination.


Every thing from seats, custom bags, grips, fender bags, ext.

Any pattern, logo, image and even portraits can be tooled/carved to your precise specifications.

Or you can give us an idea of what your looking for and leave the rest to us.

Only quality tooling leather is used, and we do our best to maintain a good turn around time on a first come first serve basis. No project too big or small will be set aside for another.



With out an inquiry it is hard to give an exact number due to the fact that each piece is one of a kind and completely different from one to the next,but simply as a guide most of our seats range from $250.00 to $600.00 and may be more or less depending on the job. As far as other pieces go it is best to e-mail us (what you have in mind) for pricing. We will usually respond within one day.

- It never hurts to ask -



If needed we can fabricate a seat pan, and do a seat for you from the ground up.

However if you already have a seat you want done, you can simply send it to us (once we have made arrangements) and we will skin it for you from the pan up.

This is how most seats are done to save time and money, and also to ensure a perfect fit.

If you do not have a seat (or pan) and cannot obtain one that looks and fits how you want, here is a simple way to make sure we build it right the first time, even if you are across the globe.


Measure out the length and width of where you would like your seat to go.

Then using poster board (cut to your length and width) simply lay it down on to the frame, folding as needed. Then draw and cut out the shape your looking for.

Be sure (if bent) to tape in another piece of poster board to give us the angles.

NOTE: When shipping, cut the tape at the top only, and fold it down so that we know how it goes together, and can get the angle right.

From here we have your pan but still need to know what kind of mounts you have.

It may be necessary to attach your own tabs or brackets to your frame and cut off existing mounts if they conflict with what you want done. Blind nuts are a common way to mount a custom seat.

This is where nuts are welded to the inside of the pan and basically give you a threaded hole so you can use bolts to attach your seat.

If this is what your looking for simply mark your template where you need them on your pan.


Also making the holes on your mounting brackets larger than needed, and using washers can help insure a proper fit by giving you room for adjustment.

Then mail us your template and how you would like your seat to look (shape and design) and your on your way to a one of a kind hand made seat that will truly top off your bike.

NOTE: When making your template it is best to take a lot of pictures and send them to us this will help us (when building your pan and shaping your foam) to make sure that it fits right and looks good.

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