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Hammer in Hand Custom Cycles LLC is also a full service repair facility. We work on any and every type of bike.

Our Shop rate is $80.00 an hour for labor. $100 an hour for fabrication work.

Don't mistake a low shop price for low quality work, we like to stay affordable for the average person.

Unless extensive testing is required, diagnosis is free as long as the repairs are made by us.

Call and talk to Brent about ordering your parts.

We also seal engine cases.


Basic Service Prices

  • Oil Change $25.00 Plus the cost of oil and filter
  • All fluids change $50.00 Plus the cost of oil and filter (Oil, Primary, Transmission)
  • 15,000 Mile service $200.00 Plus the cost of fluids, oil filter, and parts if needed
  • Front Tire change on bike $50.00
  • Rear Tire change on bike $100.00
  • Bring in your own tire and the wheels $25.00 per tire

If you purchase a tire from us we will mount and balance them for free if they are off of the bike.

Spoked tires require tubes at an added cost.

$2 Tire disposal fee.

Please call with any questions, and service quotes.



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