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Hammer in Hand Custom Cycles LLC is also a full service repair facility. We work on any and every type of bike.

Our Shop rate is $80.00 an hour for labor. $100 an hour for fabrication work.

Diagnosis is $80.00 an hour

Call and talk to us about ordering your parts!

We also seal engine cases.


Basic Service Prices

  • Oil Change $50.00 Plus the cost of oil and filter ($250 for side by sides)
  • All fluids change $75.00 foreign, $100 Harley, Plus the cost of oil and filter (Oil, Primary, Transmission)
  • 10,000 Mile service $395.00 mineral, $415.00 synthetic
  • Front Tire change on bike $50.00
  • Rear Tire change on bike $125.00
  • Bring in your own tire and the wheels $50.00 per tire

If you purchase a tire from us we will mount and balance them for free if they are off of the bike.

Spoked tires require tubes at an added cost.

$2 p/Tire disposal fee, $4.00 shop fee

Please call with any questions, and service quotes.



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